Visit a Restorative Dentist in Anaheim After Being in an Accident

DentistAs a restorative dentist in Anaheim, we treat a lot of people with damaged teeth from an accident. While we focus on preventative care in our dental office, we know that accidents do happen. Even if you are focused on your oral health, it is crucial to brush and floss twice a day. It is also important to visit our dental office at least twice a year. While there is no real way to prevent something like a car accident that damages the teeth, we can help treat damaged teeth.

Dental injuries are more common than some people think

Patients who think it will not happen to them, need to consider that many youths suffer sports-related injuries every year. Many of these injuries are dental injuries. Thus, having a child wear a mouthguard during the sport is an effective method for protecting the teeth.

Many people visit the emergency room on an annual basis due to slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can affect both men and women of various ages, resulting in dental damages. Car accidents also claim a lot of victims every year. Anyone in a car accident who hits his or her face on the dash board or steering wheel may suffer a dental injury.

Receive the right treatment from the right place

Keeping that in mind, it is important to know who to call if someone damages a tooth. It is important to note that visiting the emergency room is not a wise solution. ER doctors are fantastic for fixing a broken arm or any physical problems. However, ER doctors do not specialize in dentistry. This means that the ER can provide medication and help to triage the problem, but they cannot identify the root of the issue or provide a dental restoration.

Thus the patient will need to follow the ER visit with a visit to the dentist. The patient can save time by calling us first. As a restoration dentist, there are several ways that we can correct a tooth that has been damaged, including:

Dental crowns

A dental crown is perhaps one of the most common solutions because it is a cap that surrounds the tooth entirely. A dental crown consists of porcelain or ceramic and is a tight fit so that the tooth looks natural and not overly large. Simultaneously, since the crown caps the tooth, nothing can touch it directly, allowing patients to bite down with force. A crown can restore a tooth that has been severely cracked or chipped.

Dental veneers

A veneer is a thin shell that sits on top of the natural tooth. It is often used to correct a slight crack or chip and will blend in with the surrounding teeth. Given the number of solutions that we offer, if you have damaged a tooth, call our office at (714) 677-9452 to meet with a restoration dentist.

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