How to Take Care of Your Teeth While You Have Clear Braces

Clear Braces Anaheim, CA

If you are thinking of getting braces and do not want to feel self-conscious about wearing them, consider clear braces. These braces are less noticeable. Many people opt for them because they are better-looking, comfortable and can give patients a straight smile. Investing in clear braces is definitely worth it.

Caring for the teeth and clear braces

With traditional braces, the brackets are made of metal and they are connected on the patient’s teeth. The brackets are connected with a metal wire. Traditional braces are usually noticeable because the braces are made of metal. Clear or ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces when it comes to design.

But the materials are different. The braces are made of transparent ceramic instead of metal. In some cases, the wires are also transparent, which makes them less noticeable. However, it is crucial to take proper care of the teeth as well as the braces.

Good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is still important. It is not only good for the teeth and gums but also the braces. People should remember to brush the teeth at least twice a day using the recommended toothpaste. The fluoride formula in most kinds of toothpaste will strengthen the teeth, which will help prevent cavities. The dental provider may suggest some suitable oral care products.

It is also vital to floss once every day. Dental floss often cleans small gaps but brushes are more useful for larger spaces. Flossing with braces can be quite challenging, but it is easier with the right tools. A person can benefit from using an orthodontic floss threader to pass the floss underneath the wires of the braces. A person can then floss carefully between the teeth and along the gumline.


The material used for the brackets is usually designed to be stain-resistant. But there is a chance that the small elastics, commonly referred to as ligatures that hold the wires to the brackets can become discolored. Highly pigmented foods, like curries, tomato sauce or berries can end up leaving stains. Highly pigmented drinks like red wine, coffee and tea may also leave stains. If a person decides to invest in clear braces that blend in with the teeth, it is worth it to keep them that way.

A patient should avoid any of these foods and drinks as well as those the dental provider recommends avoiding. This will ensure that the ligatures will continue looking appealing. Smoking will also stain the braces and may even cause general oral health issues. Smokers should try to quit. But if the ligatures get stained, it is not the end of the world. They can be changed when a patient goes in to have the braces adjusted.


Your dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for clear braces after examining your teeth. But even after getting braces, you should still maintain good oral hygiene and take care of them. You should brush and rinse your teeth after every meal and floss daily. Avoid any foods and drinks that can cause ligatures to stain. Cleaning as advised by the dental provider will also stop the wire and brackets from staining.

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